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Akyaka Holiday Tours

Marmaris Tour


All parts of Marmaris is walked around, a place in the beach is reserved for you, foods are free of charge in the restaurants that we are contracted with them and we make it convenient in your extra expenses. Before returning Akyaka, you make sure that you have an idea about everything in Marmaris.

Yuvarlakçay Tour


In this tour, you can spend your time in a cold water which is located in very green valley and you can refresh yourself in this perfect view. You can also take a photo with your loved ones in this perfect landscape of Yuvarlakçay. You can feel the peace of nature and rest yourself in this peaceful atmosphere. A meal which is one of the local foods of this area is defrayed by our company in the restaurants that we are contracted. Apart from this, our company makes it convenient in your extra expenses.

Boat Excursion


This tour has a route that you can travel 7 different beautiful islands. You have a funny day in company with music and if you want, you can sunbathe or go swimming in each island. A meal is defrayed by our company in this tour.

Azmak Tour


In this tour, you can take a photo in our tour boats in Azmak River which is located in Akyaka and has a natural beauty, you can watch the fishes and refresh with the coolness of this river.

Aquapark Tour


In this tour, you can start a new day with a delicious breakfast in there and spend your time with your childrens and loved ones in the swimmimg pool, you can sunbathe, rest and also you can get rid  all of your stress while you are sliding down the slides.

Kanatlı Bahçem Night


A barbeque night is organized in the one of our restaurants. In this activity, you can barbeque in the tables which are reserved for you and after this you can rest in the hammocks under the eucalyptus trees and you can sip your tea which is steeped in samovar.

Other Activities


We can help you if you want to add extra activities and all transportation facilities are defrayed by our company with serving charts. Our company has also different activities such as camping and bungalow accommodation, safari, cultural travels and kite surfing training packages. Please contact us about other packages and prices.