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Holiday lovers! The life is here… Akyaka Town which has all the beauties of nature and the sincerity of Aegean Region and has untouched and unurbanized terrain and it is also united with the green and blue to have your holiday without your distress is a precious holiday place where you should definitely visit via our company.

Our holiday routes, travel programme, various activities and boat excursions give you an opportunity to make your holiday unforgettable for our valued customers. Also, Akyaka hotels which have authentic and specific architecture will be pleased to host you if you choose these hotels for accommodation.

The only thing you should do for making use of the holiday advantages with Akyaka Travel is to look and prefer one of the advantageous offers of the Akyaka hotels which will host you which are suitable for you.

We aimed to make your memories unforgettable and planned our holiday packages according to your incomes and preferences as Akyaka Travel. With the awareness of the valuableness of our customers we offer Akyaka hotels as the services for your gladness about accommodation by providing opportunities in terms of your income in our holiday packages.

Akyaka Otel Muğla

While you are looking through our advantageous holiday packages which are planned by Akyaka Travel, we also suggest that you should look through the accommodation and the activities which are provided according to your hobbies by Akyaka hotels.

Akyakadaki oteller

We take care of providing activities which our customers want to do in our all holiday packages to our valued customers who want to see and live the beauties of Akyaka Town. Especially, we guaranteed that our valued customers will have beautiful memories in Akyaka Town where they can have their holiday with a great pleasure.

Every people who want to have a holiday has a question about meal in their minds so the restaurant which belongs to our company offers some opportunities such as Turkish village breakfast in the nature, resting, refreshing and spend your time blissfully under the eucalyptus trees with your loved ones. Our customers who want to spend their times by resting can wait their meals by wandering in our farm which belongs to our restaurant and includes many animals or by resting in our hammocks under the eucalyptus trees.

Our restaurant which is decorated in different concept offers various opportunities to you for dinner and for spending your time well. And also our restaurant which has self-catering service offers an opportunity for our customers who can’t live without grilled meat to make your own food. Our restaurant which has lots of various natural tastes work meticulously in the name of our customers’ gladness.

Akyakada Oteller

In these alternatives, there are so many activities such as kite surfing(windsurfing), boat excursions, travelling to the other towns apart from Akyaka and other cultural and sportive activities. Our company which provides many alternatives in appropriate conditions will continue to add the new activities like these activities in the name of your gladness.

Accommodation is one of the most important issues which our company dwell on. We guarantee that Akyaka hotels will be one the places where our costumer who wants to have their holiday perfect are going to continue to prefer for accommodation. Don’t forget that the most important issue is accommodation in holiday. As we mentioned before, Akyaka hotels have quality and the service concept that you will never regret.

We invite all holiday lovers to have all these privileges as Akyaka Travel.