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Akyaka Town which is one the most favorite place of the people who plan to have a holiday offers several alternatives to our valued customers for accommodation. Our company whose main priority is to comfort of the customers who are fond of their comfort in the house gives chance to our customers for accommodation in the apart rooms whose widths are 1+1 and 2+1 and which have kitchen and any kind of properties of a flat.

Akyaka Aparts which is decorated with the Nail Çakırhan , the specific architecture of Akyaka, and impress all the people who know and like the Akyaka Town, give chance to feel yourself in your home when you enter the rooms.

Akyaka Aparts which are wanted to come back again and again by the customers whose first preference is home comfort help you to stay in large rooms and get through the dog days of the summer. The main priority of Akyaka Aparts which are decorated by taking into consideration of all needs of the vacationers is customer satisfaction.

Akyaka Travel aimed to work with the most decent aparts to provide quality service so that our customers are not in dissatisfaction.

Therefore, Akyaka Aparts we offer you are the places where you will be satisfied and have the qualities you will want to come again.

Apart rooms which are situated at most 5-10 minutes away from the sea are located on the authentic street which is full of scent of flowers and woodnotes. Akyaka is away from the noise and pollution and the marvelous place for our valued costumer to have perfect and relaxing holiday.

Akyaka Apartları

Akyaka which offers an impressive holiday opportunity on every income has become a holiday centre where the people never forgotten, come regularly and keep the beauties of the town in their mind such as unique view of its nature.

Akyaka Aparts have great importance to form this idea. Akyaka Travel is a company where the customers who want to rest to get rid of the exhausting traffic of the cities, air pollution and the stress,and they should never go without looking at and it offers so many alternatives to our picky customer with Akyaka Aparts on the issue of accommodation.

We can give guarantee the quality services in terms of both its personnel and work discipline of Akyaka Aparts that our customer who pay attention to the cleaning of the rooms will easily stay in there. Our aparts which our customer will never regret are within walking distance to the bars street and the centre of Akyaka for joining activities and spending their time in different places such as cafes-bars and restaurants.

If our customers want to spend their time in a different way apart from home comfort, our customers have the same opportunities which the customers of our hotel. On the other hand, if you want to spend your time in our restaurant which belongs to our company, you can glance the menu which is full of unique tastes.

Our company which don’t want to response in a negative way to our customer’s requests is aimed to add some new changes among the current services for the sake of satisfaction. Akyaka Aparts which have quality service concept are one of the aims which we want to double our quality.

Akyaka'da Apart Fiyatları

Akyaka Travel which sees you as a family member of our company aims to meet again and again in Akyaka and offer new holiday package which you will feel more satisfied. Above all, to see the satisfaction of our customers with the services which our company gives and to work hard to do better are our main objectives.

The informing about our aparts will be made in detailed way by communication. Holiday opportunities which the customers who search for a decent place for holiday should look at will please all holiday-lovers. We suggest looking at our holiday package for making use of the advantages which our company prepared.

We are glad to host our valued customer in our aparts where you enjoy every moment and satisfy from accommodation.