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Breathe The Nature!

Akyaka Travel offers you holiday packages which include suitable holiday opportunities in Muğla. You can contact about campaigns with our company that it promises you inexpensive holiday opportunities with the holiday places in Akyaka and holiday tours and you can make a booking.


Besides the accommodation and restaurant services, we also offers you activities such as sea tours, Azmak tour, camping, kitesurfing(kiteboarding), Marmaris tour and Yuvarlakçay tour.







Don’t be late to see the beauties of Akyaka! You can make your holiday advantageous with early booking. It is so easy to have your holiday in peak season of summer with Akyaka Travel. Akyaka Travel works meticulously to inform you in every respect and helps you to have your holiday ideally.

Akyaka Holiday


Akyaka where you can find all the beauties of Aegean Region waits you for unforgettable memories.ıf you want to take the advantages of our holiday opportunities, please look through our advantageous holiday packages without delay!




Akyaka Tatil

Millions of people make a holiday plan in every year to get rid of the tiring tumultuation and stress of the daily life even for a short time. The common wish of all holiday lovers is to have a holiday in an area where they can find their expectations and is suitable for their pleasures and also it makes their holiday unforgettable. So, Akyaka Town where it has all these common expectations of holiday lovers and has capacity to provide a suitable area to its each visitor is known one of the most decent holiday centers.

Akyaka which is one of the most favorite places of the celebrities and hosts lots of visitors especially in recent years becomes one of the most popular places with its natural beauties by holiday lovers. As Akyaka Travel, we invite you to look through our holiday opportunities and advantages which we make it for the sake of taking the advantages of these privileges. Besides its natural beauties, with its architecture, accommodation quality, local dishes and lots of other factors, Akyaka which becomes popular with hosting its visitors in recent years and is one of the most fascinate holiday places is shown one of the must-see place by vacationers. The only thing which our customers should do is to look through our advantageous holiday opportunities for perfect Akyaka holiday.

Although it is one of the most favorite places among the holiday centers, Akyaka Town which is also known that is suitable for each income becomes the common choice for people who search inexpensive packages. Our company which wants to supply these advantages to you works according to your choices. Akyaka which is more than a holiday place offers an interesting activities and sports to our dear customers. Akyaka Town is one of the rare places to do Kitesurfing sport which begins to develop and is one of the sports which attract attention in our country.  Akyaka which has the beauty that people who spend their time with searching for a holiday place can prefer without hesitation gains the appreciations of its visitors with being a centre of natural beauties. It becomes the first place coming to the minds especially those people who wants to get rid of the city life.

Akyaka which has a remarkable quality of accommodation makes glad its visitors with its higher-up service concept with both managers and hospitality. Our company which is one of the important links of this quality service chain brings you the advantage and newness in the name of your satisfaction. Akyaka Travel is placed your incomes and requests on the first place and it works on perfect and advantageous holiday opportunities like in your dreams.

Akyaka where has rare beauty that all holiday lovers should see has potential to be chosen in the first preference for all people who thinks also Akyaka holiday in their plans  and has naturality which makes all people glad.

Akyaka is one of the places that people who want to spend their money abstemiously and search several places for inexpensive holiday should prefer and it also offers suitable and effective alternatives for our customers who want a modest holiday. One of the most important features of being preferred is to have alternatives to all incomes and holiday tastes and this makes Akyaka famous in the field of tourism.

You can get in contact with us pointblank for Akyaka holiday where you can spend your times perfectly with your loved ones in a unique nature paradise and you can prefer one of the advantageous holiday opportunities which we work on for you. Furthermore, you can have opportunities to take the advantages of discounts which our company makes when you book early.

Akyaka Town which doesn’t lose its naturality among the holiday places, has peace and amusement at the same time and can surprise all its visitors is one of the rare places among these holiday centers that all these beauties are in it.

As Akyaka Travel, we worked on several holiday opportunities with several activities that you will enjoy them in the name of showing these beautiful features to you and making you live these privileges.

Akyaka holiday which is more than a holiday gives our dear customers an opportunity to have memories which will be unforgettable. Akyaka Travel which is one of the important parts of these unique paradise gives chance to see this natural wonder instead of losing time by searching holiday places.

Our company which aims to be more privileged with its inexpensive holiday alternatives than the others gives a chance to the people who would prefer our company to have a holiday which will be unforgettable and it also has all holiday features that our customer dreams with its advantageous holiday packages which includes several activities. Moreover, our customers have a chance to join the activities and entertainments apart from our tours and they also witness the natural views of Akyaka by visiting several towns around Akyaka.

Akyaka Town which has pretty much popularity among the holiday places is known as hidden paradise of Muğla. Akyaka which is the common preference of all people from young to adults with its rapid increases in the field of tourism gives chance to have a perfect holiday to our customers who want to have a comfortable holiday or love entertainment. Akyaka Travel which makes the organization of these and plans everything waits you to come to this bay which is one of the places of heaven for perfect Akyaka holiday. Our company made its advantageous and special holiday packages according to your expectations such as entertainment, peace, cultural tours and activities, sport activities and local dishes in the name of having your holiday fully and it also gives you a guaranty that you never live to regret in your choices.

Akyaka whose location is also near almost all holiday centers makes possible that our customers can see the all beauties and have a perfect holiday by visiting an awesome nature of that area. Akyaka which make it convenient to all vacationers about transportation with its closeness to near bays helps our visitors to travel without getting exhausted from heat with its location.

Akyaka holiday which is more than a holiday helps you to zeroize you tired body from the stress which you live during a year and helps you to collect unforgettable memories with your loved ones by bringing peace and you together besides entertainment. Akyaka which is the answer of holiday that all people dream turns into an effective holiday opportunities with different alternatives that our company offers you.

You can be included in this awesome holiday plan and also you can take the advantages that our company gives by booking early. Moreover, you have also a right to add or take out what you want as an activity. Besides all these, you can learn the advantageous offers that our company lays for early booking and you can decide easily for your holiday plans.

The only thing that you should do for being included in this awesome summer holiday is to enter the web site of Akyaka Travel, look through the advantageous and rich  holiday packages that our company made for you and choose one of these holiday opportunities which suits you. You can easily find an answer to your questions that you are obsessed about a holiday by contacting us with our e-mail address and contact information that we have shared in our web site and you can also take support from our company employees and officers about any topic which is connected with your holiday plans.